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Montly Specials
Wallpaper Stripper
The fast effective way to remove all types of wallpaper, vinyl, woodchip and decorative wallcoverings leaving a clean surface for redecoration.
Material Handling
At Ace Hire We Stock a large range Material Handling equipment, with a large selection of specialist trailers designed for different needs, whether you are transporting a mini digger or a sofa we have something to suit.
Flatbed Trailer
Comes in wide range of sizes. Mainly used for transporting sand,gravel,cement ect. Choice of single axel or douple axel depending on trailer size
Plant Trailer
Various sizes trailers to suit all machine sizes. Maily used to transport heavy machinery such as diggers,dumpers,rollers.
Car Transport Trailer
14x6 Tilt bed transporter, comes with manual hand winch for easy loading .
Box Trailer
Easy to tow trailer. Ideal use is for transporting goods that you want to keep safe and secure, while also keeping them dry, example furniture removal.
Pallet Truck
Portable easy to use pallet truck. Lift weight 1 tonne
Sack Truck
lightweight and easy to use, ideal for transporting boxes around.
Diesel Bowser
Easy to tow diesel bowser for transporting diesel fuel. ideal for onsite dispensing use.
Carpet Cleaner
A compact machine for highly effective cleaning of domestic carpets and upholstery. Shampoos and vacuums in one operation, its efficient suction removing dirt and water.
Micro Digger
This micro digger leaves access no problem as it will fit through a 30" opening.Ideal for those hard to reach areas comes with a range of buckets. Rock breaker also available to hire.
19ft Scissor Hoist
Battery operated hoist ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces, excellent for indoor and outdoor construction and maintenance.
Keep cool this summer, Ace Hire now stocking a range of portable air con units
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